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Resource Teaching Assistant - 4 hrs (SPA I ) - HS

North Santiam School District 29J
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Resource Teaching Assistant - 4 hrs (SPA I ) - HS JobID: 1679 
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      Class Support Staff/SPA I - Reading/Resource Teaching Assist
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      Stayton High School
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    Resource Teaching Assistant
    Special Program Asstant I - 4 hours/day

     August 23, 2023
    WORK DAYS: 185
    SALARY: $15.39 - 19.43 depending upon prior experience.   Currently Classified union is bargaining so this is last year's salary range.  This will change. 

    In addition, we pay your PERS contribution.  This position is subject to a funded budget based on staffing needs.  Specific assignment is subject to change.  

    Stayton High School is looking for a highly qualified energetic, positive, self-starter who is a team player.  
    At the time of hire, candidates must qualify by having met at least one of the following requirements: 

    • Completed at least two years of study at an institution of higher education
    • Obtain an Associate’s Degree or higher; or 
    • Meet a rigorous standard of quality and demonstrate through a formal state or local academic assessment the knowledge of and ability to assist in the instruction of reading, writing, and mathematics or the instruction in readiness for these subjects (assessment currently in development by Oregon Department of Education).  Paraprofessionals qualifying under this criterion must have a high school diploma or equivalent as a prerequisite.
    Experience working with special needs students preferred.  

    • Principles, practices, and techniques of instruction related to area of assignment
    • Appropriate provisions of Special Education or the ability to acquire a working knowledge of such provision
    • Proper child care techniques
    • Techniques and methods of student supervision and classroom management
    • English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    • Modern office methods, practices, procedures, and computer equipment preferred
    • Deliver instructional programs to students as assigned by supervising teachers
    • Work effectively in an environment that can both be physically and emotionally fatiguing
    • Learn growth and development principles of students with special needs according to area of assignment
    • Learn basic first aid requirements
    • Work in a team situation
    • Understand and appropriately interpret instruction plans
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, both oral and written
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work

    JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (may include but not limited to the following):
    • Assist in implementing learning experiences to students enrolled in program; confer with teacher to provide feedback on student performance in tutorial and testing activities
    • Interpret special education programs and related instructional plans, with guidelines set by certified teacher; follow specific lesson and tutorial strategies as outlined by teacher
    • Instruct students in small group and one-on-one settings, often without direct teacher oversight; review lesson plan or teaching strategy during instructional activity as necessary to achieve goals and objectives
    • Conduct student testing using prescribed batteries
    • Regular attendance and punctuality
    • Maintain a high level of ethical behavior
    • Correct tests and record scores on appropriate forms; report results to teacher
    • Help students develop positive interpersonal relationships with peers and adults; promote safety of the students by helping them develop self-confidence
    • Interpret and implement a behavior management program; train and assist students in behavior management; provide education regarding appropriate inter-personal actions; respond to discipline programs; act as a role model
    • Responsibilities may include assistance with physical management of disabled students, including lifting, moving, positioning, feeding, diapering/toileting, and personal hygiene as required by specific job assignment.  Additional nurse-directed procedures may be assigned.
    • Attend in-service and workshop training related to area of assignment; apply training to instructional responsibilities
    • Perform a variety of general clerical duties including writing attendance reports, grading papers, and maintaining accurate files
    • Perform related duties as assigned

    North Santiam is a PBIS District Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS) focuses efforts on creating an environment that supports the educational environment.  PBIS schools use school-wide and classroom positive reinforcement to promote expected behavior, teach behavioral expectations like academic skills, and use data-based information to guide intervention and management.  
    This position is subject to a funded budget based on staffing needs.  Specific assignment is subject to change.
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