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Shop Assistant

Summit Cleaning & Restoration
Job Description
Stayton, OR, USA
Compensation: $16.50
Benefits Offered: 401K, Dental, Medical, Vision
Employment Type: Full-Time
“Our goal has never been to be the biggest- We just want to be the best.” - Summit owner,
Brian Harper
Our vision for every aspect of our business: “We are a team of people, providing Best in Class
services, creating Extraordinary Experiences along the way”.
This vision inspires not only how we deliver service to customers, but also how we serve our internal
customers- each and every one of us on the team.

The real work we do:
Our conviction is quality and craftsmanship, timeliness, accuracy and integrity are just minimum
expectations every customer has- these are non-negotiable here. The real work we do lies in how
we deliver our services, how we make people feel during the course of their project or service visit.
Extraordinary experiences come from extra-ordinary listening, attention to detail, and
extraordinary collaboration within our team.

How can you expect to feel if you join the Summit team?
● Valued
● Respected
● Challenged
● Empowered
● Proud
● Loyal

Position Summary / Purpose

Assist in the safe and efficient operation of the company by maintaining a clean, orderly and
safe environment in the warehouses and operational spaces.
Implement processes and procedures to accurately track usage, condition, and maintenance of
company equipment & company vehicles..
Principle Duties and Responsibilities
● Maintain appropriate supply of materials, tools and equipment
● Monitor company fleet management software
● Monitor & schedule vehicle and equipment maintenance
● Ensure that receiving reports accurately match material received
● Track usage and place orders for consumable materials
● Maintain OSHA safety standards in shop and warehouse
● Provides appropriate and safe storage for all materials and equipment
● Maintain facility buildings and grounds
● Monitor approved signers on vendor accounts
● Oversee activity needs to include but not limited to; supply order, material order, new
purchasing process or inventory changes
● Pick up and deliver materials to designated job sites as needed

Additional Duties and Responsibilities
● Attend Company & Safety meetings
● Train Technicians and other employees on warehouse and shop procedures
● Schedule and coordinate annual vendor and supplier trainings
Decision Rights and Authority
● Schedule vehicle and equipment maintenance within established budget
● Purchase materials within defined budget based on level of activity
● Purchase equipment with a total value not to exceed $1,000 without Operations
Manager approval
1875 Pacific Ct SE, Stayton, Oregon 97383
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