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Power Plant Utility Trainee will be required operate a 936 front-end loader, skid steer and forklift according to company training standards. Once the Power Plant Utility Trainee is fully trained, he/she must be capable of operating the lift truck in all jobs functions: front end loader, skid steer, forklift, etc. (50% - 60% of time)

The Power Plant Utility Trainee also is responsible for clean up of conveyors, roofs, ground area and more (40% - 50% of time)

Job Title
Power Plant Operator Utility Trainee
Plant 5 - Power Plant
Report To
Plant Manager
Varies (Wednesday - Sunday) – 8-hour shifts Typically 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Works most holidays
Wage Range


Power Plant Utility Trainee duties include but are not limited to checking the loader to ensure it is in a safe operating condition; completing a daily maintenance check sheet at the beginning of each shift; being familiar with the loader’s operating capacity; maintain equipment lubricated and fueled; operating within safe limits; maintaining a clean loader. Always perform your duties in a safe, responsible and productive manner. Must not be afraid of heights or confined spaces and comply with lock-out and safety procedures. Must comply with Hazmat procedures and have the ability to operate a 1 ½” fire hose. A valid Oregon Driver’s license is required for this position.


1. Be alert to pedestrian and other truck traffic – there can be much congestion in and around the plants and co-gen facility.
2. Be alert to surface conditions – changes from concrete to asphalt, wet and slippery floors, debris on the ground
3. Know the capacity of the loader.
4. Know approximate weight of loads being handled.
5. Be alert to low visibility and blind corners – always sound horn around blind corners.
6. Use extreme caution when raising loads high in the air.
7. Follow company refueling practices. Wearing protective gloves when refueling is mandatory.

Responsibilities are not limited to the above mentioned and may include assisting other branches within reasonable and related tasks.


• Must be able to sit for extended periods of time
• Must be able to mount and dismount vehicle multiple times per shift
• Climbing Ladders
• Kneeling / Squatting
• Working in Wet/Cold/ Hot and Inclement weather, inside and outside
• Must be able to work long hours if needed, including holidays
• Flexible Schedule
• May come in contact with propane, hydraulic oil, motor oil, engine coolant, diesel fuel, spray paint, ink, grease


• Able to work under limited supervision
• Self-starter / Motivated individual
• Some Mechanical Background preferred
• Safety-minded
• Experience on Machinery
• Able to Multi-Task


We offer a highly competitive wage, PTO, health insurance and profit-sharing benefits package.


Freres Engineered Wood Products, formerly Freres Lumber Co., Inc. was established in 1922 in the Santiam Canyon of Oregon. We are a family-owned and operated wood products manufacturing business headquartered in Lyons, Oregon. Now in its third generation, family management continues to build on the success of past generations.

We operate six processing plants, including a small log veneer plant, large log veneer plant, veneer drying facility, plywood plant, mass ply plant and stud mill in addition to having our own fleet of trucks and a cogeneration facility. We are dedicated to reinvesting in our modern manufacturing facilities, providing high-quality wood products, and providing family wage jobs within our communities. We specialize in creating the highest quality wood products, from raw log to finished products, including: hog fuel, bark fines, chips, shavings, specialty veneer, grade lumber, high-quality sheathing grade plywood, MPP and even electricity.

Our passion for continuous improvement aligned with our innovative approach to manufacturing has led us to develop and become the sole producer of a unique, patented wood product, the Mass Ply Panel. If you have growth mindset and a continuous-improvement attitude, you’re probably a great fit for our team!


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