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Teacher: Preschool

North Santiam School District 29J
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  • JobID: 305
  • Position Type:
    Teacher - Elementary/Teacher: Preschool
    Date Posted:
    Stayton Elementary School - Stayton, OR
    Date Available:

    Job Title: Preschool Teacher
    Reports to: Building Principal
    Evaluated by: Building Principal
    FLSA Status: Exempt
    Classification: Non-represented
    Salary: $46,767 - $52,636 depending upon experience

    This position is approximately 220 days/year and must meet all guidelines set forth by the Early Learning Division and Preschool Promise. Although not required to be a TSPC licensed teacher, the level of education and skill set required will place the qualified individual in a compensation package similar to that of a beginning licensed teacher. Compensation will meet requirements set by Preschool Promise and will be subject to grant funding.
    ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES (other duties may also be assigned):
    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform the following requirements and responsibilities satisfactorily. However, any one employee may not perform all duties listed and examples may not cover all duties an employee is expected to perform. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable an individual with disabilities to perform the essential requirements and responsibilities of the position
    • Teaches classes following District approved curriculum
    • Conducts conferences and communicates with parents as necessary, including home visits
    • Follows District standards including reporting concerns, abuse, and infractions of student handbook policies
    • Works effectively and collaborates with the building administrator and work team, grade level and outside entities such as the Child Care Resource & Referral Division and the Wilamette Educational Service District.
    • Demonstrates effective classroom management techniques
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality when dealing with student, staff, and/or parent information
    • Attend and participate in all required scheduled meetings and workshops
    • Ability to communicate with individuals of varied cultural and educational backgrounds
    • Ability to keep and maintain accurate records and meet deadlines
    • Establish a positive rapport with families, faculty and staff
    • Take all reasonable and necessary precautions to protect students, equipment, and facilities
    Preschool Teachers provide instruction to their assigned classroom or within their specific area of expertise working with the curriculum designed by the school district. They work directly with students, school staff, building, and district administrators to meet the educational goals of the district.
    The Preschool Teacher will ensure, support, and promote each child’s learning, well-being, and development in cooperation with their parents and other early childhood professionals in a manner consistent with Oregon Early Learning standards, USDA, and daycare licensing regulations. The Preschool Teacher ensures/completes developmental screening and follow-up and plans and provides a developmentally and culturally appropriate classroom experience that meets the needs of all children and their families. The teacher will promote parent involvement by providing tools and support to parents as the primary educators of their child; planning and scheduling home visits and parent/teacher conferences; and engaging parents in their child’s learning as appropriate.
    The Preschool Teacher will teach a Preschool Promise classroom as part of the NSSD School District. The classroom will be located at Stayton Elementary. The Preschool Teacher will teach one session daily, Tuesday-Thursday. On Mondays, the Preschool Teacher will: conduct home visits; meet with parents; do classroom planning; meet with school and partner personnel; attend IFSP and other meetings; attend professional development, and other duties associated with the role.
    Performs other related duties as assigned.
    Perform physical requirements which may include:
    • Moderate to extensive degree of physical and emotional stamina;
    • Frequent and prolonged standing, walking, and sitting;
    • Ability to restrain students when necessary
    • Frequent and prolonged talking/hearing conversations;
    • Ability to physically lift or move to a student on a regular basis; and
    • Possible exposure to bodily fluids due to student injury and illness
    Such alternatives to the above requirements as the School Board or Administration may deem appropriate and acceptable.
    Generally, the job requires 40% sitting, up to 30% walking, and up to 30% standing.
    In an eight-hour day employee may:
    • Stand/Walk { }None { )1-4 Hrs { X}4-6 Hrs { }6-8 Hrs
    • Sit { }None { }1-4 Hrs { X }4-6 Hrs { }6-8 Hrs
    • Drive { }None {X }1-4 Hrs { }4-6 Hrs { }6-8 Hrs
    Employee may use hands for repetitive:
    {X} Single Grasping {X}Pushing and Pulling {X}Fine Manipulation
    Employee may use feet for repetitive movement as in operating foot controls:
    { }Yes {X}No
    Employee may need to:
    • Bend {X}Frequently { }Occasionally { }Not at all
    • Squat { }Frequently {X}Occasionally { }Not at all
    • Climb Stairs { }Frequently {X}Occasionally { }Not at all
    • Lift {X}Frequently { }Occasionally { }Not at all
    { } Sedentary Work: Lifting 10 pounds occasionally with frequent sitting and occasional standing/walking
    { } Light Work: Lifting 20 pounds occasionally with occasional sitting and frequent standing/walking
    {X} Medium Work: Lifting 50 pounds occasionally, 25 pounds frequently with occasional sitting and frequent standing/walking
    { } Medium Heavy Work: Lifting 75 pounds occasionally, 35 pounds frequently with occasional sitting and frequent standing/walking
    { } Heavy Work: Lifting 100 pounds occasionally, 50 pounds frequently with occasionally sitting and frequent standing/walking
    WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.
    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Days and hours to be arranged, with salary according to current schedule.
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