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Construction Carpenter

Blazer Industries, Inc
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Based on experience and performance.

Job type:

Full-time (Monday – Friday)

We are looking for experienced painters/construction carpenters willing to join our team!

Are you tired of working in the rain and the mud?
Are you tired of a long commute or not knowing where you will be working each day?
Are you looking for a safe, clean, and stable environment?
Are you looking to work with nice people?

Well, we may be the place for you! Many people steer clear of modular construction because they think the quality is low, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is actually quite the opposite. Our buildings have to be engineered and built so they can be shipped down the road, swung through the air on a crane, and then set into position and expected to be level. They are then expected to be undamaged and in perfect working order. We build to very high expectations of quality, have an extremely high focus on safety, and work to provide a sustainable product. Once you are a part of this industry, you will discover all the benefits of what we do.

Plus, modular is just an awesome way to build! Who doesn’t love that?

We do everything we can to keep our workflow steady throughout the year. Do not expect layoffs or uncertainty about what time you will start or leave each day. Consistency is one of the many benefits of what we do. We strive to be a great place to work, and we do what we can to make our work environment a place that you can be content spending 8 hours a day. We do work some overtime, but we really attempt to work within the schedules we set to be best able to provide a good work/life balance.

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Benefits include:

Health insurance (medical, dental, vision)

401k (including match)

Disability insurance

Life insurance

Paid sick leave

Paid time off

Paid holidays

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